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RIVA TONE, where musical boundaries melt and world beats meet. Embark on a unique musical journey through the fusion of global bass rhythms and captivating house music. A bumpin' exploration of diverse cultures, blended into live DJ mixes that take you for a trip.

Riva Tone


Riva Tone, a sonic explorer driven by a deep love for global beats, cultural rhythms, and diverse musical flavours. A driving force in Canada's dance music scene, renowned for curating music & arts events that consistently draw large crowds dedicated to celebrating dance music culture. Riva Tone is a firm believer in the profound ability of music to cultivate communities and spread positivity, a value that has shaped his musical career.

With a wealth of experience that spans the globe's most iconic music festivals, Riva Tone has stood on some of the world's most renowned stages, witnessing firsthand the transformative power of music as it brings a sea of people to one place, moving to one beat. 

From intricate world rhythms to vibrant cultural sounds, Riva Tone's performances paint a vivid picture of our shared human experience. Among his musical stylings, Riva Tone focuses on the captivating sounds of South and Central American music, as well as Afro house—a genre that transcends generational gaps and fosters ancestral rhythms.

What sets Riva Tone apart is his intuitive ability to captivate movement on the dance floor in any setting or musical stylings. His live sets have a unique way of resonating with fun-loving folks, inspiring a sense of familiarity, as though it awakens memories of places untraveled. This is the enchantment of music—it has the power to altar our consciousness to new spaces.

In Riva Tone's live mixes, the heartbeat is juicy, marked by the unmistakable presence of broken beat bongos that make you feel funky. As a seasoned DJ & event curator, Riva Tone creates with thematic and atmospheric elements  in all his performers, elevating curation to an art form. But his dedication extends beyond the spotlight; his shows serve as a platform for emerging artists, musicians, and performers, providing them with opportunities to shine.

In a divided world, Riva Tone stands as a testament to music's unifying force. His sets create a space where differences dissolve, and rhythm becomes a universal language. 

Join Riva Tone's devoted audience and let the music raise the vibe. Uniting people of all backgrounds through the universal language of sound.

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"Bongos not bangers.. unless they're bangin' bongos"



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